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Margs With Jane

Life Advice From The Bottom Of A Salt Rimmed Glass. Or Two.
Jul 25 '13

Jane & Erin rate celebrity babies over a few margaritas - and Jane reveals the, uh, “unique” name she’s decided on if she has a child.

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Jul 25 '13

A buzzed Jane & Erin explain how to get nosy salespeople off your back - and lament the horror that is “Vanity Sizing”.

Jul 17 '13

Episode 2: LA HATERZ

The ladies down some delicious drinks and get all riled about about people who hate Los Angeles.

1 note Tags: Girls margarita Margs Alcohol drunk Los Angeles LA Haters Comedy lol

Jul 15 '13

Episode 1: Granny Panties

After two pitchers of margaritas, Jane & Erin reveal the secret to living in comfort: Big underpants.

Ask the ladies a question right here!

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Jun 12 '13




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